Car Protection

With growing Car Manufacturing Industry, more and more people buy cars and with our daily busy life, we don’t have time to look after our car. Car protection through crystal clear vinyl is the best solution to protect your car, which we are specialized in.

We protect your car from general dents, scratches, and color fading which in return helps in re-sale value. Please appoint with us for free consultation with all your inquiries.

Chrome Wrap

Chrome is a very exotic, luxury and special kind of a wrap, which makes your car look like a Concept Designed, which normally not all people use to have. Just to make a special and out of the world look of your car, please appoint with us to let you know more about the Chrome wrapping on your car.

We have many different chrome colors with high quality of material and perfect job detailing.

Car Design

Who will say “NO” to design his car with amazing designs as per his/her imagination.

We design your car exactly as per your imagination and also we provide you with many concepts and ideas accordingly to your design requirement.

Paint Protection, Polish and Detailing

We not only protect your paint with wrapping and foiling your car, we also do a special kind of polishing which makes your car look bright and shiny.

After wrapping and polishing the car, it looks like a brand new and attracts the attention at once. Why don’t you try for it with the help and advise of our professional team.


We are specialized in Light Protection, we protect your car light with high quality protection film which give an amazing look to the car lights and at the same time protects the lights from dust and rust for long time.

Our operation team will assist you and will provide you the best service you have ever experienced.


When it comes to car wheels, everyone is so concern about the shoes of the car and that’s because it identifies your personality.

We are having multi colors to wrap on wheels with special kind of material, which changes the look of your car wheels and upgrades the value and pride of the car.

Please feel free to contact us, fill the contact form to organize a free quotation.

Thank you! Exotic's Car Wraps Team.

Corporate Vehicle Branding: (Fleet Graphics / Window Graphics)

Car Wrapping in Miami?

The art of completely changing the paint of your car is called car wrapping. If a car needs a special appearance, it can be covered with a foil. Wrapping can be done partly like only on bonnet, bumpers or the roof or on the complete car.

Please tell us about the vehicle you want to do wraps

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